Coops & Nieborg builds strong, constructive solutions in steel for shipowners and shipyards.
Coops & Nieborg BV

Our expertise

Coops & Nieborg builds strong, constructive solutions in steel for shipowners and shipyards. Through our technical excellence we deliver you tailor made solutions which features durable constructions and ingenious designs combined with low maintenance and a long working life.

The expertise of Machinefabriek Börger


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Coops & Nieborg BV

Cargo Deck Crane Systems

Precision, professionalism and experience. Right down to the last millimetre
Cargo deck crane systems built by Coops & Nieborg have a durable construction, an ingenious design, low maintenance and a long working life.

Hatch Cover Systems

Expertise and craftsmanship is and flexibility are the basis for this
100% watertight, no moving parts, low maintenance and suitable for container transport.
Hatches build by Coops & Nieborg are available in every required size.
Due to them moving freely in relation to one another and the coaming, the complete hold can be opened.
Another option is to fit hatches between the decks and/or grain partitions using the hatch wagon.
Hatches can also be produced under licence abroad and combined with a hatch crane built in the Netherlands.

Bulk Discharge Systems

Sand, gravel, minerals, ores and grains
With Coops & Nieborg bulk discharge systems one man can unload tonnes of cargo.

Electrical parts, the hydraulic installation, connections, movable parts, the paint system and the seals of the bearings are designed for conditions on seafaring vessels.
The grab discharge system can operate fully independently and automatically.
Our bulk discharge systems are made for seafaring vessels.

Off Shore

Recently Coops & Nieborg acquired all activities of Lagendijk Equipment
With this takeover we are also your partner for offshore knuckle boom cranes, heave compensated cranes, hydraulic and electric cranes and special offshore crane projects.

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