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Esme Marine looks after your complete accommodation on seagoing ships and offshore platforms. We take over all your concerns for insulation, floors, walls, ceilings, furnishing and upholstery. We deliver turn-key projects for both new build projects and repair or refit projects. Whether those projects are carried out in the Netherlands, Germany, Asia, Eastern Europe or Curaçao, we will deal with it!

The expertise of Esme Marine

Esme Marine BV

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ESME Marine

About Esme Marine

ESMÉ Marine has many years of experience, since 1911, with accommodation on board ships.

Both in Northern Europe and further afield, such as in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. In recent years ESMÉ has developed its business to become a specialist in ‘specials’, like the reconstruction of ferries and offshore platforms.

Esme builds locally, but also delivers complete ship accommodation solutions at a distance. Complete insulation, floor, wall and ceiling systems, furniture packages and upholstery are delivered as prefabricated packages. The packages can be shipped all over the world to ship owners and shipbuilders. Naturally ESMÉ can also supervise the final assembly and / or provide supervisors.

Esme Marine combines the expert knowledge of experienced shipwrights with modern technology: computer controlled machinery does the preparatory work; fitting out is patient, human work.

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