Benes Rudder & Factory Works is a significant partner in shipbuilding and in shipbuilding and industrial projects
BENES Machinefabriek BV

Our expertise

For nearly 100 years, Benes Rudder & Factory Works is a significant partner in shipbuilding and in shipbuilding and industrial projects, focused on rudder design and manufacturing, heavy machine works and large constructions.

The expertise of BENES Machinefabriek BV

BENES Machinefabriek BV

Van Neckstraat 5
9601 GW Hoogezand
The Netherlands
+31 598 39 22 53

BENES Machinefabriek BV

But also sterntubes, sterns, trunks and other parts necessary for shipbuilding, like for example ropeguards
and tight fitting bolts for engine and steering gear.

Within the shipbuilding industry, our company is strongly involved in solving all kinds of jobs, even the most
difficult ones.
Due to the existence of our own CAD, design and calculation department, we are involved in any start of the
process, with regards to the ever changing wishes of our customers.
Our goal is to achieve the most cost worthy and working solution for all our different projects.


Balance rudders (spade rudders)
Flap rudders (high lift rudders)
Rudder shafts, shafts
Bearings, bearinghouses
Stern tubes
Heavy construction-works

Industrial works

Design, building and steelcutting


On site machining and 24 h. repair works.

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