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DEME LIVING STONE - Performing under great pressure.

In Bilbao in Spain we worked hard to finish the ship DEME LIVING STONE in time so that it can be used on various projects.
The final painting, commissioning and delivery is performed at The Netherlands.

Gebr. De Haan BV has the assignment to finish and commission the entire climate control and mechanical ventilation systems in collaboration with DEME.
A big challenge because DEME decided at 60% of construction to finalize the ship with its own subcontractors, including Gebr. De Haan BV. A team of 15 HVAC technicians worked long days under great pressure towards the deadline. Good job, well done!

The Living Stone is a dredger that was designed to lay deep-sea cables and dredge channels on the seabed.
The ship was ordered by DEME, an international group of companies specializing in dredging works.
The keel of the ship was laid in December 2015 at LaNaval, a shipyard near Bilbao in Spain. On September 18, 2016 the ship was launched.

In addition to dredging, the Living Stone is also used as a transport ship for offshore projects such as laying cables for the European Supergrid Network on the North Sea, setting up wind farms and construction or demolition works at sea. The Living Stone is equipped with a DP3 (Dynamic Positioning 3) system.
The engines of the ship run on both natural gas (LNG) and diesel oil. Thanks to the LNG fuel, the CO2, NOx and SOx emissions of the ship can be kept low.
Mostly biodegradable fats and oils are used on board. The ship uses heat recuperation to function as economically as possible.
In this way the ship achieves the 'Green Passport' and exceeds the Marpol requirements.

The ship is equipped with a helicopter deck, fall pipe subsea installation system, inclined subsea installation system and a 600 ton crane.
The total loading capacity is 12 500 tons.
The Living Stone can carry 2 carousels of 5,000 tons each installed under the deck. On deck (about 3500 m²), modular cable systems can be installed, remote-controlled robots (ROV - Remotely operated vehicle) for underwater work and the pipe system for dredging works.
A deck crane can lift up to 600 tons of heavy objects and assist in construction or demolition works on oil platforms, the construction of harbours and the suchlike.
The Living Stone can accommodate 100 people on board.

Cllimate control and mechanical ventilation systems at Living Stone Dredger
Cllimate control and mechanical ventilation systems at Living Stone Dredger
Cllimate control and mechanical ventilation systems at Living Stone Dredger

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