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On the SPIDO Amalia we have supplied and installed a climate control system and other services

We wish shipping company SPIDO a safe voyage for the 'PRINCES AMALIA'

SPIDO celebrates 100 year anniversary with the new events ship.
This month, the Rotterdam shipping company SPIDO has added a sixth ship to the fleet.
It is a luxury passenger ship that is equipped for the event market and accommodates 250 people.

On Wednesday, September 4 the ship was christened ‘Princess Amalia’.

On the Amalia we have supplied and installed:

Climate control system
Mechanical Ventilation Technical spaces
Drip catchers, shutters and grilles
Sanitary system
Black- and grey-water system

More information
URL : scheepvaartkrant wk38-39 blz.34

Climate control system, Mechanical Ventilation Technical spaces, Drip catchers, shutters and grilles, Sanitary system, Black- and grey-water system

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